Dr Ruiz letter

Dear Friends,
I am troubled by the idea that federal elected officials or candidates could pay their own businesses or their fami-lies businesses with campaign funds or taxpayer dollars to increase their own profits. That’s why this week, I intro-duced the Ruiz Ethics Package to ensure politicians, re-gardless of party, don’t exploit their position for personal
The Campaign Spending Integrity Act and the Public Ser-vice Spending Integrity Act prohibit federal candidates and elected officials from spending campaign funds and tax-payer dollars on business they or their families own. The Public Service Transparency Act requires candidates for President, Vice President, and cabinet-level positions to release their tax returns to ensure the public is aware of any conflicts of interest.
These bills send a message to politicians that they can’t abuse their authority and use campaign or government funds to get rich off the people they serve. To learn more about the Ruiz Ethics Package, visit my website here.
Sincerely, Raul Ruiz, M.D. Member of Congress

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