Ken Calvert Postcard Avalanche

May 26, 2017

Ken Calvert Postcard Avalanche

Now to Friday, May 1926


During the Congressional recess that begins on May 29th, we’d like Congressman Ken Calvert to receive postcards from all the amazing places he can travel to once he retires (hopefully November 2018).

Get ready now by gathering postcards from any travel or tourist destination(s) you and your friends or familiy visit soon: Disneyland, states or countries you visit on upcoming vacations, or you can even order postcards from anywhere on Amazon!

**We will all mail our postcards on Friday, May 19th.**

Address postcards to:

Congressman Ken Calvert
400 S. Vicentia Avenue, Suite 125
Corona, CA 92882

Be sure to include your message about how much you’re looking forward to his retirement!


​—Hosted by Indivisible 42 In Action

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