Selecting Club Representatives for the CDP Pre-Endorsement Conference



Section 1.   Selection of Representatives to California Democratic Party (CDP) PreEndorsing Conferences:

  1. a) Club representatives shall be allocated as follows: one representative, resident in the Assembly District and duly registered as a member of the Democratic Party of California, for each full (not a fraction thereof) 20 members in good stand ing registered to vote in the Assembly District who were listed on the roster submitted to Riverside County Democratic Party and to the appropriate Regional Director of the CDP no later than July 1 of the year immediately prior to the endorsing

 b) For purposes of this Section:

  1. i) Only members in good standing as of the July 1 deadline shall be included on the roster;
  2. ii) “Member in Good Standing” shall mean a member whose dues are current, or have been waived due to economic hardship;

iii)  The status of such members shall be certified by the Club’s President, Secretary, or Treasurer; and,

  1. iv) The Club’s representatives to any particular pre-endorsing conference be from the roster described above and that the overall list of representatives to all conferences be equally apportioned between men and women, to the extent possible.

 c) Said representatives shall be selected by majority vote of the Pass Democratic Club Executive Board. They shall inform the membership of their decision, and the reasons therefor, at the next General Membership

  1. i) No later than October 1, of each odd numbered year, This Club shall inform its membership, of the process for selection as a Representative to the California Democratic  Party  (CDP) Pre- Endorsing Conferences, via both WEB Posting on its site  and email to those  members who have provided email addresses for notice

d)  In order for a member ‘s name to be submitted as one of This Club’s representatives to California Democratic Party (CDP) Pre-Endorsing Conferences, the member must submit a signed written declaration of intent to the Executive Board declaring their intent to support This Club’s endorsed candidates at the Pre-Endorsing Conferences by voting for them.

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