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My lesson from years of political punditry is to never give up — despite how terrible things may look, redemption remains possible. Still, let’s reflect for a moment on what we’ve now learned: the GOP is entirely, 100% corrupt 1/

Not one Republican senator stood up against this monstrosity — Corker doesn’t count, because he voted yes when it mattered, and was allowed to posture when it didn’t. So McCain’s pose of virtue is phony and presumably always was; same for Collins, Murkowski, etc. 2/

It’s a deep question how we got here. How did a whole party go this way — and why were the mainstream media unable to acknowledge it while it was happening? But let’s think about where America may well be at the end of next year 3/

It now seems virtually certain that the president of the United States is de facto a foreign agent — but this corrupt Congress won’t hold him accountable. It seems highly likely that next year will be a huge Democratic wave — but … 4/

Thanks to gerrymandering and the concentration of Democratic voters in relatively few districts, even a huge wave — say, an 8% popular majority — might well still leave the GOP in control of the House … 5/

So in January 2019 we may well be ruled by a fundamentally illegitimate regime: a corrupt Congress retaining power despite public rejection, a president who owes his position to a foreign dictator who retains a hold on him 6/g

This doesn’t have to happen. Maybe the evidence will be so overwhelming that even under this Congress Trump is forced from office. Maybe the wave next year will be so huge that it overtops the structural barriers. But America as we knew it is very much on the edge 7/

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