Remy Altuna speaks at March general meeting

Remy Altuna, an impressive and personable Beaumont High School student and Pass Democratic Club member, spoke at the PDC March general meeting reiterating her speech to fellow students as follows:

“As the next generation entering into the real world, we have more power than we may think. We have seen tragedy strike again and again, children our age being targeted and shot with weapons of mass murder. The walkout is to project the message that we will not allow this fearful disaster to become a normality. It isn’t right for students to be afraid. It is unfair that this is a possibility, and for some a traumatizing reality. We need background checks, and thorough ones. A person should not be able to buy an automatic weapon in a single day, with just a driver’s license as identity. The policy that Trump removed, that mentally ill people cannot buy guns must be reinstated and strictly enforced. We also need to be kinder to one another. Everyone experiences hardships in life and it is important to keep in mind the feelings of others before opening your mouth and spewing hate. We are a community, not a war zone. Thank you for supporting the movement for gun control. We are the change. We are the future. Exercise your right to vote in all upcoming elections!”

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