Ken Calvert Lobsterfest Protest

May 20, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Corona Civic Center City Hall
400 S Vicentia Ave
California 92882

Don’t be shellfish Ken,
Hold a Town hall!

Congressman Ken Calvert has spent over 20 years avoiding constituents who have differing opinions. His career has been made on running and hiding from the people in his districts who dare to think differently. He’s snuck out the trash door to avoid constituents, sat and ignored questions during a city council meeting, and most recently wouldn’t even look at a person asking him a question, instead putting the buffet and the 91 freeway celebration over his constituents.

We’re not sure if he’s ever held an in person town hall, his office staff is no help in giving us that information. His staff claims he doesn’t have time to meet with constituents. Congressman Calvert says he doesn’t have to listen to people who don’t agree with him and he doesn’t represent them.

For people who don’t know about Calvert’s positions here you go. He is: Anti-LGBTQ rights, anti-woman’s rights, Pro-Muslim ban, pro-building a wall, for school voucher programs, for polluting our environment, he sold our internet privacy, and the list goes on and on.

It is time to show Congressman Calvert this is not acceptable!

Congressman Calvert’s campaign is a major sponsor of the Lobsterfest event. He donates money, shows his face and takes pictures. He uses public events like this as a commercial for himself never having to show his voting record or stances to the community, but looks like he is involved.

Congressman Calvert will be giving a speech during the event. We will protest on the public areas around the event.

Please note: We are not protesting the Rotary Club. The rotary club will still get the money from all the ticket sales to help the youth of Corona. The only negative impact for them is embarrassment for putting Calvert’s name on their event.

If anybody is interested in or is already attending as a guest ($75 a ticket for all you can eat Lobster and Steak) it will be a great opportunity to talk to our representative in person. In addition, a lunch for four with Congressman Calvert is usually auctioned off.

— Hosted by Jedediah Jack and Lindsay Jack

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