Jan 18 General Membership Meeting Agenda

Pass Democratic Club

Special Membership Strategy Meeting & General Meeting

Date: January 18, 2023 

Special Membership Strategy Meeting Time: 5:30 PM

General Membership Meeting Time: 7:00 PM 

Location: Banning Women’s Club 175 W. Hays St., Banning, CA & Zoom

Doors Open 5:30 PM, 6:30 PM Social, 7 PM Meeting

Special Membership Meeting:

Meeting Goals / Purposes / Objectives

Goal Setting facilitated by Vice President-Membership, Jim Mercado 

  • Incorporate Membership Survey feedback into 2023 membership goals

General Membership Meeting:

Call to Order:

Meeting Goals / Purposes / Objectives

  • Reflection on PDC 2022 from Immediate Past President, Sharon Geiser

  • *Pending Special Guest: Joy Silver, Chair of RCDP 

      1. Discussing SWOT Program & Vision

  • SWOT Initiative exercise led by Communications and Media Relations Chair, Pat Wayne

  • Reports

  • Open Agenda Item(s): What event/topic/discussion do we want to add?

Officer Reports:

President – Chris Castorena

Vice President-Membership – Jim Mercado

Vice President-Political Action – Shane Arch

Treasurer – Sharon Geiser 

Recording Secretary – Ray Geiser

Corresponding Secretary – Donna Pfeiffer

Committee Reports:

Diversity and Inclusion: Vacant

Fundraising – Vacant

Communication and Media Relations – Pat Wayne

Legislation – Julio Martinez & Ron Roy

History and Spirit: Jackie Atwood

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