Holstege is poised to flip the 47th district blue for the first time in history

Incumbent Wallis on the Ropes: Holstege Has the Edge in Critical Assembly Race

ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 47, CA — As the general election approaches, the contest between Democratic challenger Christy Holstege and incumbent Assemblymember Greg Wallis is shaping up to be one of the most closely watched races in California. Despite the advantages typically enjoyed by incumbents, Greg Wallis secured under 50% of the vote in the March 2023 primary, marking the weakest performance of any sitting Republican in the Assembly.

“This election cycle, Wallis has distinguished himself for all the wrong reasons— with the weakest performance of any incumbent Assembly Republican,” said Amelia Matier, Holstege campaign spokesperson. “In contrast Holstege is poised to flip the 47th district blue for the first time in history.”

Unlike Wallis, who faced no Republican challengers during the primary, Christy Holstege navigated the primary sharing her base with another Democratic candidate. Combined Democratic primary votes mark a clear majority against Wallis. Despite coming in a close second– just 2% behind Wallis– Christy Holstege showed formidable electoral strength, particularly in Riverside County, which is home to 77% of the district’s electorate. Her substantial lead in this crucial area suggests a significant consolidation of support, positioning her advantageously for the general election.
This neck-and-neck race is further accentuated by Holstege’s formidable campaign finance advantage, having raised almost $1.2 million to date compared to Wallis’s much smaller $788,000. This imbalance in fundraising abilities, coupled with Holstege’s broad coalition of support from over fifty labor unions and endorsements from high-profile state Democrats such as Governor Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Rob Bonta, and over 75 state and local leaders positions her as a formidable contender as the general election approaches.

The closely watched seat remains a top pickup priority for California Assembly Democrats after Holstege lost to her GOP opponent by just 85 votes in 2022, in one of the closest races in California legislative history. Incumbent Republican Assemblymember Greg Wallis currently holds one of the most endangered seats in Sacramento. The district boasts a solid 6.4% Democratic voter registration advantage, a figure that’s projected to swell to an imposing 10-12% by November 2024.

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